Stanton Kidd
Ormanspor Basketball
Ankara Turkey
Turkey Super Leauge 1 Divison

Jamal is no doubt one of the best trainers around right now his work is intense and high pace just like a game but also he knows his clients and how to take care of them and keep the miles down on their body during the summer. He know how important it is for us to go in to training camp ready when its time to go back overseas or return to the our NBA Teams. He supports his clients on and off the court and throughtout our season also. Jamal is a true friend but knows when its time to lock in and push his players!

Lynetta Kizer

“I got the pleasure to meet Jamal through one of my teammates (Brene Moseley) and immediately I felt like he was going to elevate my game. His calm demeanor made me feel comfortable that he knew what he was talking about and I instantly trusted him. I remember the first day, usually when trainers get new clients they try to ease them in to their ideas and aspects of the game. NO! We got after it! The drills pushed me to my limits and it was just day one. He did not care how tired I was he kept that same calm demeanor, and our relationship took off from there. We have spent many hours around the area, from Baltimore to college park creating a better game for me! And I could not appreciate Jamal more for the player I am today!

He’s a hands on guy who truly cares about our success on and off the court. As a professional athlete playing at the highest level, you cannot ask for someone better to have in your corner. I’m more than confident that Jamal will have me ready for any season ahead of me! #WeTrainedForThis” 


Roderick Camphor
BC Krka (Adriatic League)

Jamaal Haywood is one of best basketball trainers in DMV Area. His work speaks for itself. I’ve been training with 9450 training for about 3-4 years now and my game has improve tremendously in this time frame. One thing he always told me, you have to be able to play a full game and be effiecient. So his style of training with skill, conditioning & “your game play” breakdown is what’s put him above average trainer.

9450 training is well  recommended if you want to improve or all aspect of basketball and make a dream into reality.

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